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Playful, Unaffected. Mongrel, Cohesive.

Joylita Saldanha
30 September
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On a bad day, I can see forever. On others, I can see the Universe expand at my feet.

Compulsive. Obsessive. Disorder. Chaos. Butterflies. Drama. Life. Love. Passion. Music. Soul. Tiramisu. Yellow. Butter yellow. Melancholy. Zing. Lime. Tangy. Blitz. Glamour. Glitz. Red. Black. White. White. White. Read. Write. Dance. Expressions. Books. Smells. Sights. Sounds. Magpies. Sparrows. Wheat. Bread. Wine. Magenta. Lasagna. Broccoli. Flowers. Carnations. Crisp. Clothes. Perfumes. Carolina Herrera 212. Irresistible. Desire. Want. Pink. Jewellery. Diamonds. Heights. Lows. Stone. Cloves. Smoke. Water. Rivers. Mountains. Clouds. FLying. Sky diving. Bungee jumping. Rafting. Green leaves. Bamboo shoots. Rice paper. Sing me a song. Dance me a rhythm. The words are mine, the connections yours.

Exploring, Experiencing, Experimenting. Ad infinitum.